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"Incredibly versatile!"

- Broadway

“Michael Shulman is an extremely appealing actor whether on stage or screen.”


“…you kind of fall in love…Michael Shulman embodies the kind of preppy privilege that’s a liability anywhere but Manhattan”

- NEW YORK TIMES, Jeanette Catsoulis



“Shulman has puppyish good looks and a talent for both slapstick and exasperation. He ably conveys this character’s remoteness from the real world, handling self-deprecating, sardonic asides with skill.”


“Shulman does a great job bringing this character to life, giving the audience a pleasurable view into his role’s migration from uptight and limited to wide open and semi-savvy.”

- ACED Magazine,  Jenna Bensoussan

“Shulman ("Party of Five") finds the humor of a button-down guy thrust into a world where he can make his own rules.”

 - Star Magazine

“Michael Shulman, however, as the well-intentioned but conflicted Alan is outstanding. His speech patterns, body language, and energy create a unique character whom you care about and with whom you can identify.                                                                             

-, Robin Rothstein

“Michael Shulman’s professor has charm and interest, and Shulman brings boyish intensity to Alan’s intelligent, circuitous rants.                                                                                   

-, Gwen Orel

“It is a poignant performance by a gifted actor. (Shulman gives further evidence of his talent skillfully portraying an entirely different sort of character in a soon-to-be-released film, “Sherman’s Way.”)”

- Wolf Entertainment, Guide William Wolf

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